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Remedial Massage Preston

Experience Specialised Remedial Massage Therapy in Preston

Welcome to our dedicated clinic providing remedial massage Preston residents rely on for pain relief and relaxation, located within Specific Physiotherapy at 149 Plenty Road, Preston VIC 3072.

Established with a passion for healing, our clinic has been a cornerstone in providing exceptional remedial massage therapy for the Preston community and beyond.

Our therapists bring elite expertise to our clients, exemplified by Billy Gilhooley, whose extensive experience with the Hawthorn and Collingwood Football Clubs enhances the quality of care we provide.

With a legacy of excellence, we continue to offer targeted treatments tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Logo of RMT by Billy Preston featuring a stylised spine graphic in a maroon circle next to the text Remedial Massage Preston in bold, light-colored letters on a dark background
Close-up of a remedial massage session at Remedial Massage by Billy in Preston, focusing on deep tissue techniques to alleviate back pain and muscle tension. The therapist applies precise pressure using elbows and hands, showcasing the expertise in providing therapeutic relief. Ideal for those searching for remedial massage Preston or deep tissue massage near me.

Expert Therapists with Elite Massage Techniques

Our clinic is staffed by qualified remedial massage therapists who specialise in a variety of techniques to ensure exceptional outcomes for every client.

Whether you're seeking relief through deep tissue massage, sports massage, or relaxation massage, our expert therapists are trained to provide tailored treatments.

We also offer specialised services such as pregnancy massage for expectant mothers and corporate massage programs designed to alleviate workplace stress.

Each session is conducted by a qualified remedial massage therapist, committed to delivering not only therapeutic benefits but also a profound sense of well-being through expert remedial massage therapy.

Nighttime view of the Specific Physiotherapy clinic in Preston, illuminated with clear signage. The clinic offers physiotherapy, myotherapy, remedial massage, and Pilates services. Located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston, the clinic is easily accessible and conveniently situated near Route 86 to Bundoora RMT, Stop 44. Contact details: (03) 9579 5919, website:

Personalised Care for Every Client

At our clinic, every remedial massage therapist is dedicated to providing personalised care that addresses your specific needs.

From the moment you book your remedial massage appointment, we work closely with you to develop a customised treatment plan.

Our therapists are skilled in a variety of techniques, including sports massage and trigger point therapy, which are effective in relieving pain, alleviating discomfort, and easing muscle tension.

Whether your goal is to improve circulation, treat specific pain points, or simply enjoy the relaxing benefits of a massage, our team ensures that each massage treatment is tailored to achieve your personal health objectives.

Billy Gilhooley, owner of Specific Physiotherapy in Preston, stands in front of the clinic's sign. The sign displays the clinic's name and logo. Billy is wearing a black clinic t-shirt and is positioned beside a large green plant, embodying the professional and welcoming atmosphere of the clinic

The Massage Preston Residents Love

At our clinic, we provide the massage Preston residents trust to address a spectrum of needs, from relaxation to targeted therapeutic interventions.

Our massage therapy experts are skilled in various techniques that not only relieve pain but also treat specific injuries such as sports injuries, neck pain, and the discomforts arising from trigger points and soft tissues issues.

Each treatment plan is crafted to enhance blood flow, promote healing, and help prevent new injuries, ensuring that every client achieves their wellness goals.

Dry needling and other specialised methods are also available to target the underlying causes of pain and discomfort.

Whether you're looking to relax, reduce aches, or receive comprehensive treatments for persistent pains, our massage service is here to provide relief and promote a healthier, more vibrant body.


Bright, welcoming massage therapy room at Specific Physiotherapy & Remedial Massage by Billy in Preston, featuring a comfortable massage table with a dark towel, ergonomic desk and chair, laptop, wall clock, indoor plants, and soothing leaf-themed wall art, designed for optimal relaxation and professional care

Our Preston Remedial Massage Services Include

  • Sports Massage: Tailored for athletes and active individuals, focusing on optimising performance and speeding up recovery.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: We target the deeper layers of muscle tissue to address severe tension and chronic pain.

  • Pregnancy Massage: Our expert pregnancy massage is safe and soothing for expectant mothers, alleviating discomfort associated with pregnancy.

  • Relaxation Massage: A gentle approach to reduce stress and improve overall well-being, perfect for unwinding.

  • Corporate Massage: Our corporate massage programs are designed to ease muscle tension and alleviate pain, integrating quality healthcare practices to reduce recovery time and promote overall wellness in the workplace.

Why Our Preston Remedial Massage?

  • Specialised Focus: Remedial massage is at the heart of what we do at our Preston massage clinic. Our dedication to this specialty ensures you're in expert hands, capable of addressing a broad range of physical concerns with elite massage techniques.

  • Proven experience: Our team, led by Billy, has a standout history with professional athletes. Billy's significant roles with the Hawthorn, Essendon, and ongoing work with Collingwood Football Clubs, showcase our unique level of expertise. This direct experience with elite sports professionals sets our Preston massage clinic apart, offering you a service informed by the highest standards of care.

  • Client-Centred Approach: We prioritise your health and comfort, ensuring a personalised and caring experience from your first visit to our Preston clinic.

  • Accessible Location: Conveniently located in Preston, our clinic is easily accessible, offering flexible booking options to accommodate your schedule.

A serene image showcasing a woman receiving a relaxing remedial massage, with the text "Professional Remedial Massage Preston" and "Qualified Therapists" prominently displayed. The image includes the address "149 Plenty Road, Preston VIC 3072," the phone number "(03) 9579 5919," and the website "," highlighting the professional services offered at Remedial Massage by Billy in Preston.

Easily Access Premier Remedial Massage Services in Preston

Our clinic, nestled at 149 Plenty Road, Preston VIC 3072, is perfectly positioned in the heart of Preston, ensuring you enjoy effortless access to top-tier remedial massage services.

Located on one of Preston's major thoroughfares, our clinic is designed with your convenience in mind:

  • Tram Accessibility: Step off at the 44-Seymour St/Plenty Rd Tram Stop, right in front of our doors, served by Route 86. It’s public transport made easy.

  • Driving Directions: Conveniently located on Plenty Road and easily reachable from Bell St to the north and High St to the south, our prominent position is unmistakable.

  • Parking Options: Enjoy the convenience of ample street parking available on Plenty Road at the front of the clinic and either side of Seymour St, making your visit stress-free from start to finish.

  • This location ensures that reaching us is a breeze, whether you're navigating the bustling streets of Preston by car or taking advantage of the city's tram network. Visit our Premier Remedial Massage for a seamless and hassle-free experience, reflecting our commitment to not just your health, but also your convenience.

Common Questions About Remedial Massage Answered

What is remedial massage therapy?

How Can Remedial Massage Help You?

  • Injury Recovery: Accelerates the healing of injured muscles and tissues.

  • Pain Management: Alleviates chronic pain by targeting underlying causes.

  • Stress Reduction: Enhances overall well-being by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels.

  • Improved Mobility: Increases joint mobility and flexibility by easing muscle tension.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

  • Experienced Therapists: Including specialists who've worked with elite athletes, bringing tailored techniques to each session.

  • Personalised Treatment Plans: Customised approach to meet your specific health concerns and goals.

  • Focus on Results: Built on achieving tangible benefits for our clients, contributing to your path to wellness.

  • Massage for Specific Injury: Massage therapist provides specific treatment for our clients with massage techniques.

Remedial massage therapy room at Specific Physiotherapy in Preston, featuring a comfortable massage table with dark linens, a sleek black chair and table, minimalist shelving with essential massage items, and large windows with white shutters, creating a serene and professional environment for effective remedial massage therapy and optimal relaxation

How Often Should You Get a Remedial Massage?

Frequency is personalised; we'll recommend a schedule based on your specific needs and goals, ranging from weekly sessions for intensive needs to monthly for maintenance.

Is Remedial Massage Covered by Health Insurance?

Many plans cover remedial massage therapy. We recommend checking with your provider, and our clinic offers HICAPS for on-the-spot insurance claims.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Remedial Massage?

Don't let pain or stress hold you back. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Discover the difference expert, personalised remedial massage can make at Specific Physiotherapy's Remedial Massage in Preston. Your journey to wellness starts here.

  • Book Your Appointment Online: Simplify your scheduling with our easy-to-use online booking system. Click here Book Online and select the time that works best for you.

  • Speak with Us: Prefer to book over the phone or have questions? Call now button to connect directly with our friendly staff.

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