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HICAPS Remedial Massage

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Are you looking for HICAPS remedial massage? Remedial Massage by Billy makes massage HICAPS claims easier than ever.

Thanks to HICAPS massage and physiotherapy consultations with us can be quickly claimed on the spot prior to payment. HICAPS remedial massage applies to all health funds like Medibank, AHM, Nib and many more.

HICAPS claims are often capped by health funds so it is a good idea to check your extras limits. We accept physiotherapy and remedial massage private health rebates for our clients. Ask our friendly practitioner for more information.

So if you are looking for a massage with health fund rebate that you can claim on the spot with HICAPS then you have come to the right place.


hicaps remedial massage

Massage HICAPS for convenient payments

Get a massage HICAPS with us at Remedial Massage by Billy today. There are many benefits to getting a massage, ranging from improved circulation to reduced stress levels. Massage can also help to relieve pain and tension in the muscles.


However, the cost of massage can often be a barrier to people seeking out this form of therapy. HICAPS is a program that allows people to claim a portion of the cost of their massage from their health insurance provider.


As a result, HICAPS can help make massage more affordable and accessible to people who could benefit from it.


In addition, HICAPS also covers a variety of other health services, such as physiotherapy and chiropractic care. As a result, massage HICAPS is an essential service for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing.

Massage prices

Why not treat yourself to a massage today? You'll be glad you did. Check out our massage prices below.


30 minutes: $70
60 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $150

Our pricing is set in line with standard physiotherapy rates. This is reflective of our therapist's professional qualifications in physiotherapy, complemented by specialised skills in providing remedial massage services.

Book your specialised remedial massage online here.

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hicaps massage in preston

HICAPS massage in Preston

Looking for a HICAPS massage service that offers convenient payment options?


When it comes to claiming health insurance benefits, few things are more frustrating than dealing with paperwork. Fortunately, at Remedial Massage by Billy, we have HICAPS, Australia’s leading electronic claiming service.


This means that you can receive your benefits quickly and easily, without having to fill out any forms. Just swipe your card at the time of payment and your benefits will be transferred automatically.


HICAPS is available for all major health funds, so whether you have private health insurance or Medicare, you can take advantage of this convenient service.


If you’re tired of filling out claim forms, come to Remedial Massage by Billy and experience the difference that HICAPS can make.It’s quick and easy!

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