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Neck Massage Near Me

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If you are looking for a neck massage near me then you have come to the right place. Located at 10 St Duthus St, Preston, Remedial Massage by Billy Gilhooley provides top health services for those experiencing pain. Book massage therapy online for relief today.

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Massage of the neck

Do you have neck problems? Yeah. We all sleep strangely. Several factors cause neck pain: the way we sit during the working day and the posture we take during driving. If one concentrates on something it forgets the posture which affects the neck. A massage can relieve your pain.

Massage for Neck Pain

When you feel uncomfortable in this area then you could have a massage. The neck should be treated through professional massage. Taking these precautions could result in less injuries, or fatal injuries. Get advice from an experienced massager on neck problems.


We use a Swedish massage type but the massager can always advise on the pressure that you desire. It can be difficult to organise a routine and a body massage is advisable.

If it is important for yourself that you get a head massage, it may be necessary. It can always be a wise idea to ask a specialist for information first and avoid any action to improve things.

Massage for Neck Pain

Soft tissue manipulation to the neck promote relaxation as they stimulate circulation. A lot of computers are used to get too much information and the neck has the highest incidence. This massage will help increase blood flow in the affected region and speed recovery. In addition to these types of massage therapy they also offer additional benefits.

How massage therapy is applied for chronic neck pain

Massage can have various forms and techniques that differ from hand strokes and pressures imposed. Even when only pain is present the massage mainly affects the shoulder and neck because these parts of the body are a part. The most common form of massage that treats neck discomfort is Swedish massage.


Generally, it concentrates on long and steady strokes that usually follow blood flow to the heart to increase circulation. Kneading or friction movement is also permitted. Swedish primarily aim to relax a person’s entire body.

Shoulder Massage

The shoulder muscles stretches are used to relieve muscle tension in the shoulders. The pain in your neck and shoulder areas needs to be addressed immediately. When selecting your preferred massage therapist, take into account your needs.


They must have knowledge of various shoulder massage techniques namely acoustique massage kneading, and effleurages.


The customer is able to choose how they want the shoulder soft tissue manipulation, including pressure trigger point location. Trigger points we locate on the top of your shoulders can refer into the area of your symptoms.

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Things you should know

Place the partner in the correct sitting position. The importance is that the back is relaxed. You need to access the shoulder area and lower back. 2. Use short strokes.


We all think about Swedish. It uses long, soft movement over muscle surfaces rather than relying heavily on a type like deep tissue massage to perform a massage. 2. Warm your body muscles.


Using the pressure to mass the muscle before it warms up can make the partner tighten up. Use fingers to loosen and strengthen neck and shoulders.

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Efficacy of massage therapy

Some studies have found the neck massage to be helpful to relieve neck pain or improve range of motion. It is a short time period for this result. 1 While several studies have proven the benefit of massage for neck tension, others studies have not.


Further complicating matters are the vast variety of massage treatments available and the challenges in measuring the application of massage therapy.


Several study results have shown that using mild-level massages with trigger point therapy can help reduce inflammation and promote relaxation.

Neck massage for muscle tension release

Some people needing a neck treatment experience muscle tension from the top of their shoulders all the way up to the base of their skull. Others report headache as a symptom of their neck pain.


Each presentation is different but respond well to the massage benefits. The two main massage benefits are to release tension and relieving muscle tightness.


Most people experiencing pain respond very well to our service.

Our massage therapist

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Billy Gilhooley is our remedial massage therapist with eight years of clinical experience treating neck pain and other body ailments. Billy prides himself on finding the source of the muscle pain and providing top-quality neck massage treatment to the sore muscles and joints. He uses a combination of light pressure and firm pressure when massaging a trigger point so that you can stay comfortable throughout the treatment.

By applying the right amount of pressure, Billy corrects pain caused by poor posture or muscles strain by improving blood circulation. Billy is passionate about giving his clients the tools to maintain the benefits of massage, such as self massage techniques and stretching. Self massage of the neck must be done with caution in order to avoid harm.

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The 'right' amount of pressure

Commonly asked questions

When it comes to applying pressure on your body, our therapist can use elbows, thumbs, or middle fingers - depending on the level of pressure you can tolerate. Applying pressure must be done with caution at all times so it is very important to communicate with our therapist during your treatment.

The 'right' amount of pressure varies person to person and depends on several things including your presentation, severity of symptoms and pain tolerances during your treatment. Our therapist will discuss with you the services we offer to tailor a treatment plan for your neck pain.

What causes extremely tight neck muscles?

A stiff neck may be caused by muscle strains and soft tissue injuries. Especially the levator scapula muscle can be affected. Located on both sides of the neck, the cervical levator scapula muscles are connected to the shoulders.

What does massaging your neck do?

Massage therapy can be beneficial in easing neck discomfort and reduces your chances of pulling muscle from your back. It improves posture and flexibility, increases movement range and reduces blood pressure. Relaxes and relieves stress.

Is it good to massage a stiff neck?

Massage can help relieve muscle stress and make the stiff neck loosen up. You may get some massage for yourself by an untrained therapist. However, it is recommended you consult your partner and get help. Massages on the neck allow for relaxing and calming emotions along with many other health benefits like relief from joint stiffness.

What are neck massages good for?

Massage of the neck. Increased strength and flexible limbs. Improve the circulation of fluids in the brain. Improve immunity. This treatment reduces pain and inflammation in a person's neck, shoulders and head. Relax your mind and ease your tensions. Improve the stability of the neck flexibility. Improves blood flow, especially in the brain. Increase immunity. It reduces pain and inflammation in the neck, shoulders, and neck. Relaxes mind and reduces stress.

How often should you get a neck and shoulder massage?

Massage relieves neck pain in a short time – it might be helpful if you take regular massage. One research showed a 60 minute massage was more beneficial for the neck pain compared to 60 minutes of one hour a day versus 30 minutes daily.

Can I self massage my neck?

We suggest proceeding with caution when it comes to self neck massage for the neck region. Self neck massage might be tempting however due to the anatomical complexity of the neck we believe it is better to seek the opinion of a professional before you self massage your neck pain.

Self massaging for shoulder pain is one thing but there is too much that could go horribly wrong if you self massage your neck yourself without necessary training, such as unwanted nerve pain or headaches.

Our therapist is highly skilled in neck massage and will provide appropriate massage therapy to your neck for maximum benefits. If you use your fingers to push into the wrong area you could do more harm than good so we suggest waiting for the advice of our therapist before you self massage for pain relief.


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We also teach our clients how to maintain the benefits bought about with self massage, stretching and other methods. Attending a session with us will include your own self neck massage tutorial by our highly trained therapist. We will provide you with corrective exercises and stretches along with self massage techniques that you can do to recover quicker.

We highly recommend that you wait until your visit at our clinic before you self massage just in case you do more harm than good.

Why do I have shoulder pain too?

Common types of shoulder pain can refer symptoms into the base of the skull region. Poor posture is the most common cause of this type of pain. Our therapists will push on trigger points in your shoulder region to release the muscles and correct your posture with advice and education. In the end your health and well being is important to us and we want you to live a the pain free life that you deserve.

Why is neck pain only on my right side (or left side)?

This can happen when we sleep with poor alignment and wake up with symptoms resembling a pinched nerve. Discomfort is usually only found only on the one side in this situation, with the main restriction being rotating the head on top of the shoulders. We focus on the one side during the treatment, aiming for maximum relief from the pinched nerve.

What can I expect after my treatment?

For most clients we recommend week by week sessions initially until we are on top of all symptoms. The aim of this process is to get on top of symptoms early. Once we are on top of symptoms then we can extend future sessions out to month by month or even longer. This process has served us very well, with most clients reporting pain reduction over time.

What our clients say about our neck massage

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Book a massage today

If your muscles need attention from the hands and fingers of a highly skilled and experienced therapist then book today. Your health is worth it. We are conveniently located and offer a wide range of health services. Give us a call or book online today.

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