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Pregnancy Massage Near Me

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Welcome to Premier Remedial Massage, your sanctuary for specialised pregnancy massage services in Preston, conveniently situated at 149 Plenty Road, Preston VIC 3072.


Amidst the transformative journey of pregnancy, our clinic emerges as a beacon of relaxation and healing, offering a serene haven where expectant mothers can discover balance, relief, and enhanced wellness through expertly tailored prenatal massage therapies.

This image features a serene treatment room at Specific Physiotherapy in Preston, with a massage table covered in dark linens and natural light from shuttered windows. The minimalist decor includes a black chair, a sleek desk, and a white shelving unit with plants. The clinic's logo and name, "Specific Physiotherapy Preston," are prominently displayed. Bold text reads, "Get a pregnancy massage near you today," with the tagline "Pain Relief. Recovery. Relaxation." highlighting the benefits of the service

Premier Pregnancy Massage in Preston 

Our dedicated team, specialising in maternity massage, understands the unique demands pregnancy places on the body. Here, in the heart of Preston, we provide a range of pregnancy wellness solutions, including therapeutic pregnancy massages designed to soothe, nurture, and care for both mother and child during this special time.

Unlock the potential for profound well-being and experience the premier difference with our pregnancy massage services in Preston.

pregnancy massage near me

Experience the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Tailored Relief for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy brings profound changes to the body, from shifts in posture to the challenges of weight distribution and hormonal fluctuations.


Our experienced therapists, specialising in pregnancy massage, provide nurturing treatments designed for the unique needs of the second and third trimesters.

Why Choose our Premier Remedial Massage for Your Pregnancy Massage?

  • Alleviate Discomfort: Targeting areas of tension and discomfort, our massages offer relief from the physical strains of pregnancy.

  • Enhance Well-being: Improve circulation, reduce stress, and support hormone regulation, contributing to your overall health during this special time.

  • Certified Prenatal Experts: Our therapists, including Brenda and Kelly, bring over two decades of combined experience in prenatal massage, ensuring safe and effective sessions tailored to you.

Pregnancy massage near me

Our Pregnancy Massage Services

  • Customised for Comfort: Special care is taken to position you comfortably with pillows and cushions, ensuring a relaxing and beneficial massage experience.

  • Addressing Common Concerns: From back pain relief to improved sleep, stress reduction, and enhanced mobility, our massages are designed to address the common concerns of pregnancy.

  • Safe and Supportive: Performed by certified prenatal massage therapists, our massages are safe for both mother and baby, providing a peaceful space to unwind.

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Pregnancy Checkup
pregnancy massage near me for aches and pain

FAQs for Expectant Mothers

When Can I Start Receiving Pregnancy Massages?

Pregnancy massages are offered during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters to ensure the utmost safety and benefit for both mother and baby.

What Are the Session Details?

Sessions include tailored massage therapy, with time allocated for consultation and customisation to your needs, ensuring a personalised experience.

How Often Should I Receive a Pregnancy Massage?

Frequency is tailored to individual needs, from addressing specific discomforts to regular wellness maintenance. Your therapist will recommend a schedule after your initial session.

Pricing and Session Lengths

Choose from 30-minute ($70), 60-minute ($110), or 90-minute ($150) sessions to fit your needs and schedule.

Insurance and HICAPS

Our clinic supports HICAPS for on-the-spot insurance claims, making it easy to manage the cost of your wellness journey.

Embrace Premier Prenatal Care in Preston

Ready to find pregnancy massage near me near Preston? Book your appointment today with our Premier Remedial Massage and take a significant step toward enhanced prenatal well-being.

📞 (03) 9579 5919
📍 149 Plenty Road, Preston VIC 3072


Book Your Pregnancy Massage Online

Elevate your pregnancy journey with the dedicated support of Premier Remedial Massage's expert prenatal care.

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