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Tension headache massage near me

Are you looking for tension headache massage near me? At Remedial Massage by Billy we understand that tension headaches are one of the most common types of headaches, and they can be extremely debilitating. Our massage Preston service can help to relieve the pain and tension associated with your tension headaches.


Massage therapy targets the muscles and soft tissue around the head and neck, which are often the source of headaches. By reducing muscle tension, massage therapy can provide significant relief from tension headaches.


Additionally, massage therapy can help to improve circulation and promote relaxation. If you suffer from tension headaches, consider seeking out a qualified massage therapist who can provide you with targeted relief.


At Remedial Massage by Billy we provide tension headache massage Preston residents rely on for pain relief.  Get back to your life and book a massage with us today.

What are headaches?

A tension headache is a mild to moderate pain, tightness or pressure around your forehead or the back of your head and neck. Some people say it feels like a clamp or tight band around the head.

They are very common — almost everyone will have a tension headache at some point.

The pain caused by a tension headache is often dull and persistent. It frequently starts at the back of the head or temples, then spreads, becoming like a band around the head. It may feel like pressure or tightness.

A tension headache can be chronic, occurring every day for more than half the month, or episodic, where it occurs for fewer than 15 days a month.

tension headache massage near me
head massage near me

What triggers headaches?

Tension headaches, despite the name, are not always caused by stress and mental tension. There can be other triggers, including excessive muscle contraction such as frowning and jaw clenching.

Other triggers for tension headaches include:

  • stress, tiredness and anxiety

  • depression or being upset

  • poor posture at work, home or when driving

  • bright, noisy environments

  • long periods of reading

  • too much smoking or coffee

  • overuse of pain-relief medicines, including headache tablets

How to treat headaches?

You can ease tension headaches by:

  • taking pain-relief medicines, such as paracetamol — but these are only for short-term use

  • applying heat, with a hot bath or a heat pack

  • remedial massage and dry needling for the head, jaw, scalp, neck and shoulders

headache massage
how to get rid of a headache

Can tension headaches be prevented?

In the longer term, you can prevent tension headaches through:

  • stretching, including yoga or swimming

  • relaxation

  • regular exercise

  • psychological therapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy

  • consistent remedial massage and dry needling

  • assessing how you work and your work environment

  • looking to ease any stressful situations, anxiety or depression

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