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If you're looking for best remedial massage therapist near me then look no further than Remedial Massage by Billy. Massage reviews are listed below for you to read before you book massage online here. For the best massage in Preston you can not go wrong with Remedial Massage by Billy. Remedial massage Preston has never been better. 

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”Billy is fantastic. Super knowledgeable and extremely experienced. He listened to my issue and asked a lot of questions to truly understand the extend of my injury. Billy’s treatment was exactly what I needed and he provided me with exercises for ongoing strengthening of the area. Highly recommend!”

Aleece - 2021

“Billy is at the top of his game! I have seen many health professionals over the years for both back injuries and tight muscles. His approach is by far the most thorough and effective. His vast knowledge and invested approach into his patients well being is unmatched. I know I am in capable hands with Billy and always walk away feeling better. He has helped me through heavy back spasms and is always on point. To top it off he's a great guy and conversations are always easy. Highly recommend!”

Brad – 2021

“Billy is great. He knows where all the muscle spots are and helps relieve all the tension. I have a lot of shoulder and back issues, and each session leaves me feeling more and more like myself again. Highly recommended.”

Corza – 2021

“Billy is highly knowledgeable which allows him to effectively release any tension and pain you may be experiencing. He is super friendly and by far the best RMT I have ever seen. 10/10, highly recommend!!”

Sophie – 2021

“Billy is very a experienced RMT who takes the time to understand your specific pain points. He is a great communicator who talks you through the different parts of treatment and I always feel great afterward.”

Brad – 2021

“Billy is the best there is! I would 100% recommend sessions with him. I have been seeing Billy for over 3 years. His treatment has always enabled me to get back into training as quickly as possible. He has worked on and resolved a number of challenges with my body. He is professional, friendly and adaptable at every session. He is also very generous with his knowledge and the sharing of information. The treatment room is always exceptionally clean and at a perfect temperature. If I could see him every week I would! He is by far the best RMT I have seen.”

Sebastian – 2021

“I booked my 60 minutes session for my lower back pain hoping for any relief....after my session I was walking freely like a 10 year old pain-free!..that made my day!!! I always have a sore neck and upper shoulder pain..he looked at it...did his magic and the pain just went away. At the end of the session He explained to me the source of my back and neck pain ..gave me some simple exercises and things to do to help with the pain and it's been great. I'm booking another session hopefully for 90 minutes this time...and more sessions afterwards.”

Anwar – 2021

“Billy is great - very professional and very knowledgeable about the body and how to get rid of all my aches and pains! Highly recommended”

Jess – 2021

“Billy is spot on with treating my hip, hamstring and calf problems. Seriously knows his stuff and has helped me a lot. Great chat too”

Jack – 2021

”First time going for a remedial massage and I couldn’t have been in better hands. Billy was very professional and nuanced in his understanding of the various muscle groups and was able to relieve my back/hip pain and stiffness. Looking forward to my next session!”

Nathan – 2021

“Amazing and knowledgable therapist! Highly recommend”

Kate – 2021

”Billy is attentive, extremely professional and at the top of his field.”

Ferry – 2021


“I started seeing Billy to help with treatment of chronic migraines and headaches triggered by extreme stress, which involved pain and stiffness through my neck and shoulders. What I really appreciate about his approach is the time he takes to explain the physiological aspects and how pain can be referred from one part of your body due to muscle tightness, joint inflammation or spine or hip alignment. In just 2 sessions Billy has been able to explain more than any of the physios or osteos I’ve seen over the years. Have already recommended him to a number of friends. Also on a personal note, as a fat person I sometimes feel hesitant to seek physical treatments like remedial massage because of negative experiences in the past. If this is you, don’t hesitate. Billy is a true professional, kind, knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease so I highly recommend him.”

Daniele – 2021

“Definitely recommend. Lovely space and professional setup. Billy was very thorough in his assessment and explanation of what he was doing. Felt so much better immediately and in the days after!”

Kim – 2021

“Billy is amazing! I came in with severe chronic, poorly managed pain and Billy took the time to really get to the cause of it. He talked me through the pain and made me feel safe and cared for. By the end I was feeling much better and capable of understanding the cause. Will definitely come back! Highly recommend it.”

Francis – 2021

“I've had the first of what will be more sessions with Billy and am surprised and thrilled at how much relief he achieved in a single visit for what has been a long term issue. I haven't experienced this with remedial massage in the past. Highly recommend!”

Helena – 2021

“Suffered from a severe headache, Billy found the problem instantly, very satisfied great success, looking forward to next session.”

Tom – 2021

“Billy has been one the most life changing people in my life. He is a master of his craft and is very knowledgeable. My body is at it's best after seeing him.”

Tom – 2021

“Saw Billy for the first time yesterday for some low back and neck pain. Had a fantastic experience. Very communicative throughout the massage. Great pressure. Woke up today feeling so good. Billy has a lovely clean environment and tells you what he is going to do and why. Can thoroughly recommend his remedial services - so much so I have already booked my next session. Thanks Billy!”

Brad – 2021

“Billy made a huge difference in just one session, really freed up my shoulders and back! Absolutely recommend”

Ellie – 2021

“Great service and I was walking on air. Thanks”

Daniel – 2021

“I have been seeing Billy for about 7 months now and he has been fantastic helping me with my knee issues and general remedial massage he explains everything that he is doing and why as well as what he feels is going on with my body and really listens to me and how I am feeling he has given me stretch’s to but also takes the time to show me the stretch’s and gets me to do them so I know that I am doing them properly. Highly recommend Billy he is absolutely fantastic!!!”

Rebecca – 2021

“Billy has been looking after me for years. Always a first class professional, and gets me right for work. Higly recommend him to everyone.”

Ryan – 2021


“Billy is amazing! He's professional, kind, reassuring, knowledgeable & takes the time to explain things so well!!! He defs knows what he's doing, afterwards I felt like I had taken a backpack of bricks off my back, it was great - Id recommend him to anyone even considering remedial massage!”

Cee – 2021


“Best massage I ever had. Billy resolved my shoulder pain. He was full of knowledge, knows what he is doing. As he said no more shoulder pain after 3rd visit. Thanks Billy”

Shanti – 2022


“Billy is incredible. It is obvious that he loves his job and goes above and beyond to provide great care. He's really respectful and listens to what you are saying. Best massage therapist I've seen before.”

Ead – 2022

“I can highly recommend Billy's RMT! Billy is the best masseuse I have come across in decades. He brings a wealth of practice wisdom, knowledge, commitment and care to the table. I felt in the safest hands and will be booking regular ongoing sessions. Thanks Billy, so glad to find you.”

Kriyavidya – 2022