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Lower Back Massage

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Lower back massage is an effective treatment for relieving pain and discomfort from the low back area. The purpose of this type of massage is to improve blood circulation and promote healing in the affected area.

Receiving a professional lower back massage can help reduce muscle stiffness, promote muscle relaxation and improve mobility in the lower back. This can ultimately lead to lasting relief from chronic back pain.

Different modalities used for low back massages by our trained professionals include trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, Swedish massage and more.

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Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain Relief

Massage therapy has been used to relieve low back pain for centuries. It is a safe, holistic approach to treating the muscles in the back while avoiding potentially harmful medications.

A targeted massage for low back pain is different to a full body massage experience. Massage therapy involves manipulating soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, which increases blood flow to tight and restricted areas. This can help reduce muscle tension that often contributes to back pain.

Furthermore, massage therapy promotes relaxation and facilitates emotional stress reduction— both of which can contribute to reducing low back pain. When combined with recommended treatments from a medical provider, massage therapy often provides sustained pain relief that helps people return to their regular daily routines with less discomfort or interruption.

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We specialise in treating low back pain with massage

At our clinic, we understand the debilitating impact that low back pain can have on an individual's life and are proud to offer massage therapy as a treatment solution.

Our massage specialists have extensive experience in using therapeutic massage to alleviate pain and tension in the lower back, enabling people to carry out their daily activities without discomfort.

With regular sessions and an effective custom-tailored plan of treatment, our clients often enjoy improved posture, flexibility, circulation and balance. If you live with persistent low back pain, why not book a consultation today and find out how massage could help?

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The Anatomy of Low Back Pain Conditions

Low back pain conditions are complex and can be caused by many different factors.

Anatomically speaking, they can be the result of poor posture, injury to and degeneration of the vertebrae, ligaments, connective tissues and tendons in the area, or inflammation of nearby organs such as the kidneys.

In some cases low back pain is caused by compressed nerves due to herniated discs, or narrowing of the spinal canal known as stenosis. Even the most extreme pain caused by a tight quadratus lumborum muscle (QL) can often be relieved with massage.

The gluteus medius is a hip stabilising muscle that is often involved in pain of the lumbar region due to prolonged sitting or overdoing it in the gym. This muscle can refer pain into the lower back once trigger point pressure is applied.

Your massage therapist will assess tight muscles such as the QL and gluteus medius in the assessment.

Fortunately for those suffering from discomfort associated with these conditions, there are a variety of treatments available today that focus on relieving pain and improving quality of life.

More often than not sharp lower back pain is not caused by one or more neurological disorders.

From massage therapy to lifestyle changes such as improved diet or exercise habits, a massage therapist can often provide helpful direction on how to reduce symptoms and restore full function with minimal disruption.

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Trigger Point Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain

Trigger point massage therapy is an effective and increasingly popular way to deal with low back pain. By targeting and releasing specific areas of tension in muscles in the glutes and back, specific trigger point massage can help reduce muscle spasms as well as improve circulation, flexibility, strength and range of motion.

As a result, those dealing with low back pain may experience improvement in activity levels, reduction in pain levels, faster recovery time after activity participation, resolution of chronic low back problems, and greater overall satisfaction with life.

With regular application of trigger point therapy to the glutes and back muscles affected by lower back pain, chronic or recurrent issues can begin to be resolved over time.

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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain

Deep tissue massage therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic technique used to treat lower back pain. By using deep finger pressure and slow, concentric strokes, the stiffness and tension in the back muscles are reduced, thereby improving blood circulation.

Additionally, deep tissue helps restore range of motion and function by releasing adhesions that have formed in the muscle fibres. Patients who experience chronic pain resulting from an injury or condition can benefit significantly from participating in Deep Tissue Therapy sessions as it helps relieve their discomfort.

With its proven success rate, this form of hands-on treatment is easily becoming popular amongst those with musculoskeletal issues, including lower back pain sufferers, due to its highly approachable and safe nature.

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Lower Back Massage Benefits

Countless people suffer from lower back pain, which can greatly interfere with their daily activities. One of the most beneficial methods of relieving this discomfort is a massage, as it helps to reduce inflammation and increases mobility.

Lower back massages often involve Swedish massage and pressure being applied to specific trigger points. This helps to ease the tension in affected muscles and joints for customised, body-altering relief.

Studies have shown that regular massage sessions can produce long-term results, including better posture and improved range of motion.

These massages can also result in reductions in overall stress levels, as well as promoting greater relaxation and increased energy throughout the day.

For anyone suffering from chronic or even occasional lower back pain, investing in Swedish massage with deep tissue is one of the best decisions you could make.

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Techniques for Lower Back Pain Massages

Massages are a great way to relieve lower back pain, but there are certain techniques that should be utilised depending on the severity of the pain and the preference of the patient.

A combination of Swedish-style strokes combined with focused pressure in areas suffering from tightness, soreness, and knots can be effective in easing tension in the lower back.

This combination will enable our experienced therapists to target specific areas while still providing more generalised relief. The massage should last between 30 or 60 minutes depending on the individual's needs.

Heat has also been found to reduce stiffness and deep tissue massage can address muscle spasms and muscle tension as well as reduce pain levels.

Ultimately, massage is an excellent way to restructure muscles and bring lasting comfort and relaxation to an area of the body plagued by chronic discomfort in those who experience extreme pain.

Our massage techniques are administered with warm massage oil and provided to promote relaxation, restore connective tissue, release tense muscles, and reduce the chance of chronic back pain. We start by using gentle strokes and rhythmic tapping that provides short term relief. As time goes we use deep pressure on sore muscles or tightly knotted muscles to relieve tension. The most amount of pressure we use will be the equivalent of their body weight.

During your appointment with a massage therapist you will notice we use deep breaths as a way to distract from intense pain caused. Sometimes more pain is not a good thing so we limit what we do to what you can tolerate. We stretch cramped muscles and mobilise stiff lumbar joints.

Chronic lower back pain often in large part to do with the two major muscles deep to the abdominal organs called the Illiopsoas muscle. Unlike most technique massages to the illiopsoas involves palpation through your abdominal cavity.

Nonspecific chronic low back pain back be resolved in part after applying generous trigger point pressure. A person's lower back pain can respond to several specific techniques we use.

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Deep Tissue Massage vs. Trigger Point Massage

Therapeutic massage is an increasingly popular method of relieving tension, alleviating pain, and improving overall well-being. The range of modalities available can make choosing the right form of therapeutic massage difficult.

Two varieties that are often used are deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. Deep tissue makes use of slow strokes and deep pressure to reach layers of muscle and fascia beneath the surface on which traditional massages have focused. It may be used to treat stubborn knots or reduce localised inflammation.

Trigger point therapy is an effective treatment to alleviate stiff, painful areas located in individual muscles. Through stimulation of these specific trigger points, it is possible to relieve pain throughout the body's muscular system by releasing toxins and restoring healthy movement in cramped areas.

Both types of therapeutic massages can offer tremendous relief from physical discomfort when administered properly by our professional massage therapist.


For more information about our massage techniques please give us a call on 0490 021 474. Alternatively please feel free to ask a massage therapist during your consultation.

How to perform a self-massage for lower back pain?

Even though regular massage therapy sessions with a qualified therapist are recommended, it's possible to use self-massages to reduce back and leg pain. Most clients get benefits out of lying on top of a tennis ball of foam roller for the break down of scar tissue. This can be helpful for other conditions such as chronic neck pain or pain in-between the shoulder blades.

How to pick the right massage for you

All clients are different in their presentation and often respond to different treatment approaches or techniques. Tight muscles in the lower back region contributing to pain are known to respond well to shiatsu massage and even sports massage for example. Sports massage can be helpful in releasing leg tightness that could contribute to lower back pain.

If you have tight hamstrings and low back pain then it is important to talk to your therapist about sports massage to reduce your symptoms. Your physical therapist will guide you when making a decision on what massage is right for you.

Please feel free to call to speak to our physical therapist and licensed massage therapist about the body pain you are experiencing and for more information.

Our massage efforts extend outside the scope of low back pain. We treat chronic fatigue syndrome, upper back pain, headaches, neurological disorders and many others. Once you get off the massage table we recommend a warm bath to relax further.

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