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Discover Unparalleled Healing at Melbourne's Premier Massage Therapy Clinic

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Located within the esteemed Specific Physiotherapy centre at 149 Plenty Road Preston Melbourne, Remedial Massage by Billy emerges as your gateway to ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Our distinguished massage therapy clinic transcends the ordinary, creating a sanctuary where your wellness journey is our foremost mission.


Connect with us at (03) 9579 5919 and allow us to guide you towards holistic healing.

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Experience Exceptional Massage Services in Melbourne

Premier Massage Experience in Melbourne

At Remedial Massage by Billy, excellence in massage therapy is our hallmark. We are celebrated for our dedication to delivering personalised therapy sessions that cater meticulously to your individual needs. From the bustling Melbourne CBD to our serene Preston enclave, we promise an unparalleled massage experience that rejuvenates both body and mind.

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Specialised Remedial Massage

Our expertise in remedial massage targets not just the symptoms of chronic pain, muscle tension, and stress but aims to uncover and treat the root cause of these issues. Through customised therapeutic techniques, we ensure a pathway to healing that is both effective and tailored to each client’s unique condition.

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Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage Mastery

Whether your body craves the profound release offered by a deep tissue massage or the gentle, soothing embrace of a relaxation massage, our team of expert therapists excels in both. We commit to providing a nurturing and therapeutic touch, delivering care that is both profound and personalised.

Accessible Wellness for All

We champion the accessibility of wellness for everyone, offering premier, yet affordable massage services within Melbourne. Our conveniently situated clinic stands as a sanctuary for immediate relief and enduring health benefits, welcoming all who seek healing and tranquility.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Massage Solutions

Beyond our esteemed services, we offer a spectrum of specialised therapeutic massage options to accommodate diverse needs. From aiding in the recovery from sports-related injuries to addressing specific postural challenges, our therapists employ an extensive array of techniques designed to foster recovery and enhance your overall state of well-being.

If you are in Melbourne and are looking for more information about massage therapy then contact us for more information.

Why Remedial Massage by Billy Stands Apart

  • Unrivalled Expertise and Professionalism: Our certified massage therapists are seasoned experts, bringing a wealth of experience and a profound insight into the body’s natural healing processes to each session.

  • Tailored Wellness Journeys: Acknowledging the individuality of every client, we provide bespoke massage therapies designed around your specific health concerns and wellness aspirations.

  • Strategic Location for Convenience: Our clinic's location within Specific Physiotherapy ensures ease of access for those in search of exceptional massage therapy in and around Melbourne's CBD.

  • A Holistic Healing Philosophy: We believe in nurturing the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—fostering not just the alleviation of pain but the cultivation of overall health, vitality, and well-being.

  • A Dedication to Excellence: Every aspect of our service—from the tranquil ambiance of our clinic to the premium quality of our massage oils and the meticulousness of our techniques—reflects our unwavering commitment to your health and satisfaction.

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Looking for the best massage places near me?

Find unmatched relaxation and expert care right near Melbourne's CBD. Whether it's deep tissue, remedial, or relaxation massage you need, we're known for tailored services that hit the mark. Elevate your massage experience with us and feel the difference.

How to find us for the best massage in Melbourne

1. Tram Option: From Melbourne CBD, you can take the tram route 86 towards Bundoora RMIT. Alight at the stop 44, directly in front of Specific Physiotherapy where you will find Remedial Massage by Billy.

2. Train and Tram Option: Alternatively, you can catch a train on the Mernda line from Flinders Street Station or Melbourne Central Station towards Mernda. Alight at Bell Station, then take a short walk to Bell Street/Plenty Road to catch the tram to Osborne Gr/Plenty Rd #44.

3. Bus Option: Depending on your starting point in Melbourne, another viable option is taking a bus that connects with the route 86 tram or directly heads towards the Preston area.

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Embark on a Journey to Healing and Relaxation

Whether your quest is for the targeted relief offered by remedial massage, the tranquil repose of a relaxation session, or the focused therapy of deep tissue massage, Remedial Massage by Billy is your ultimate destination. Experience why we are lauded as one of Melbourne’s finest massage locales and allow us to facilitate your transformation.

Embrace the first step towards a more vibrant, healthier you. Contact us now at (03) 9579 5919 to reserve your appointment. Begin your journey to relaxation and healing with Remedial Massage by Billy, where every session is an opportunity to enhance your journey to your best self.

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