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Welcome to Your Premier Destination for Massage Therapy in Fairfield

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Begin your wellness journey at Remedial Massage by Billy, Fairfield's top choice for expert massage therapy. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to your health and well-being, offering personalised treatments that blend relaxation with recovery.

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Experience Top-Tier Remedial Massage in Fairfield

At Remedial Massage by Billy, located near Fairfield, we provide a tranquil escape from daily stress with our therapeutic remedial massage services. Every session is an opportunity to alleviate tension and enhance overall wellness, tailored just for you.

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Introduction to Our Massage Services

Discover Remedial Massage Therapy in Fairfield: Your Path to Relief

Experience the profound benefits of remedial massage therapy, meticulously designed to address and alleviate your specific areas of pain and tension. Our therapeutic approach not only soothes aching muscles but also enhances circulation and promotes overall health.

Experience the Benefits of Fairfield’s Premier Remedial Massage Service

Join countless satisfied clients who have found relief and rejuvenation at our Fairfield clinic. Our premier remedial massage services are a testament to our commitment to excellence and personalised care.

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How Remedial Massage Can Alleviate Exercise-Related Pain and Tension

Tailored to active individuals and athletes alike, our remedial massage therapies are perfect for easing the stress and strain of exercise-related activities, accelerating your recovery, and getting you back to your peak performance.

Deciding on the Right Massage for You

Considering Remedial Massage in Fairfield? Is It the Right Choice for You?

Whether you're battling chronic pain or looking to unwind from the daily grind, our remedial massage options are customised to meet your individual needs and promote a balanced, pain-free lifestyle.

Evaluating the Fit: Is Sports Massage the Right Solution for Your Needs?

Our sports massage services go beyond typical treatments. Designed to prepare, maintain, and recover your muscles, whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, our sports massage can be the perfect fit for your active lifestyle.

Demystifying Sports Massage in Fairfield: Not Just for Athletes

Sports massage isn't solely for the pros. It's for anyone who wants to enjoy a more active, injury-free life. Discover how our sports massage services can benefit your routine, enhance your exercise experience, and support your fitness goals.

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Massage Solutions in Fairfield: Is It Suitable for Your Wellness?

Empower yourself with our comprehensive massage solutions. Designed to reduce stress and improve productivity, our programs offer a seamless way to integrate wellness into the busy workday.

Specialised Massage Services

Enhancing Athletic Performance with Sports Massage in Fairfield

Elevate your athletic prowess with our sports massage therapies at Remedial Massage by Billy, specially crafted to meet the rigorous demands of athletic performance.


Our approach is grounded in proven techniques that have supported players from the Collingwood Football Club, harnessing the expertise gained from our therapists' previous engagements with the Hawthorn Football Club and the Western Bulldogs.


This blend of high-caliber experience is now channeled into your personalised treatment plan, aiming to boost your fitness journey and athletic potential right here in Fairfield.

Whether you're an aspiring athlete, a weekend warrior, or a professional player, the advanced sports massage services we provide are designed with your goals in mind. Our ongoing connection with top-tier athletes and teams ensures that you receive cutting-edge care that is as strategic as it is therapeutic.


At Remedial Massage by Billy, we don't just massage; we enhance your body's natural ability to perform and recover, just like the pros.

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Comparing Regular vs. Sports Massage: Tailoring Your Fairfield Massage Experience

Learn about the distinctive benefits of regular and sports massage, and let us guide you toward the best choice for your lifestyle and goals, ensuring each session at our Fairfield clinic is as effective as it is enjoyable.

Introducing Prenatal Massage in Fairfield: Tailored Therapy for Expectant Mothers

Embrace the soothing benefits of prenatal massage, expertly delivered to ensure the comfort and safety of you and your baby. Our specialized therapists in Fairfield provide gentle care that supports you throughout your pregnancy journey.

The Essential Benefits of Pregnancy Massage for Fairfield’s Expectant Mothers

Experience the multitude of benefits that prenatal massage offers, from reduced back pain and better sleep to emotional support during one of life’s most significant transitions.

Your Comfort Assured: Pregnancy Massage Positioning and Expert Therapists in Fairfield

Rest assured that our prenatal massage experts in Fairfield utilise safe, comfortable positioning and techniques to provide you with the utmost care during your sessions.

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Specialised Massage Services

Fairfield’s Preferred Massage Services: Popular Choices Among Our Clients

Discover the massage services that our Fairfield clients love the most, and see why our tailored treatments have earned us a reputation for excellence.

Our Massage Therapists’ Schedules: Regular Availability for Your Convenience

We are open seven days per week and offer same day appointments. Learn more about our therapists' schedules and find a time that works best for you. Our flexible booking options ensure that you can enjoy a therapeutic massage at your convenience.

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FAQs About Remedial Massage in Fairfield

Q: How Many Remedial Massage Sessions Will Alleviate My Pain?

A: The number of sessions needed varies, as each individual's response to massage therapy is unique.


Drawing from our extensive experience, including work with elite AFL athletes, we design personalised treatment plans that typically result in noticeable relief within a few sessions.

Q: What Services Are Included During a Remedial Massage Session in Fairfield?

A: Each session at our Fairfield clinic includes a custom assessment and the application of targeted techniques aimed at treating your specific pain points. Our services draw upon the high-level strategies used with professional athletes to ensure comprehensive care.

Q: What Are the Prices for Remedial Massage Services in Fairfield?

A: Our pricing reflects the high-quality, personalised service you'll receive, which includes techniques and insights gained from our experience with AFL athletes. 30 minutes = $70, 60 minutes = $110 and 90 minutes = $150.

Q: Can Massage Help with Headaches?

A: Certainly. Massage therapy, including techniques refined through our many years of experience, can be effective for tension headaches and migraines by relieving muscle stiffness and improving circulation.

Q: How Often Should I Schedule a Massage for Optimal Health?

A: Optimal frequency can vary; some clients benefit most from weekly sessions, while others may need less frequent visits. Like training regimens for AFL players, the ideal schedule is tailored to individual needs and goals.

Q: What Experience Do Your Fairfield Massage Therapists Have?

A: Our therapists are not only highly qualified but also bring diverse experiences, including working with AFL sports professionals of Collingwood Football Club, Essendon Football Club, Hawthorn Football Club and Western Bulldogs Football Club, ensuring a level of expertise that translates into every treatment for our clients.

Q: How Can I Determine the Most Suitable Type of Massage for My Needs?

A: Our therapists are not only highly qualified but also bring diverse experiences, including working with AFL sports professionals of Collingwood Football Club, Essendon Football Club, Hawthorn Football Club and Western Bulldogs Football Club, ensuring a level of expertise that translates into every treatment for our clients.

Q: What Are the Available Time Slots for Booking a Massage Session in Fairfield?

A: We offer a range of appointment times to fit your schedule. We are open seven days per week and offer same day appointments in-between 9am and 9pm. Visit our online booking system or call us to find the perfect time for you.

Q: Is HICAPS Available for On-the-Spot Health Fund Claims at Your Fairfield Clinic?

A: Yes, we offer HICAPS for instant health fund claims, providing the convenience athletes and busy professionals appreciate.

Q: How Can I Find the Best Massage Therapist in Fairfield?

A: Look for a therapist with a proven track record, positive client reviews, and a breadth of experience. At our Fairfield clinic, our therapists' experience with high-performance athletes sets us apart and ensures a premium quality of care.

Q: Are There Any Cancellation Fees at Your Fairfield Massage Clinic?

A: We have a fair cancellation policy in place. Please inform us within the specified time frame to avoid any fees, allowing us to manage our schedule effectively, much as we would when working with team athletes.

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